Vaccination : Time and duration



It is the process by which a person is vaccinated against a particular disease such that his immune system is able to fight the disease the next time it attacks. (as the body has antibodies to fight against it)

If a person is given vaccination then the immunity may develop in four to six weeks.

Some vaccinations need to be taken twice, some once, some four times etc. This depends on the individual vaccine being given. One has to follow the schedule of the vaccine.

Some people stress on the fact that they have taken vaccinations during childhood so they most probably will not have to take them again.

It is important to note here that no vaccine gives lifetime immunity.

As time passes the immune response or effect of the vaccine gets weaker and weaker.
Therefore the person needs a booster to regain the effect of the vaccine.

Hepatitis B

To prevent Hepatitis B doctors prescribe three vaccines but the patient has to make sure that after every five years, a patient must have a Hepatitis B booster to avoid chances of getting it in the future.

Initially people belonging to all age groups should get vaccinated for hepatitis B, but after one particular age only high risk groups like lab technicians, doctors and nurses etc. need to be vaccinated for this disease.

Hepatitis A

Chances of getting Hepatitis A especially in India are more as the water here is not that clean. People who eat out have more chances of getting this disease. Therefore, a booster is required for Hepatitis A.


Typhoid vaccine does not provide protection for a long period of time. One has to get vaccinated for typhoid after every three years.

Chicken pox

If one has already been vaccinated for chicken pox then, it is not true that he may not get chicken pox in the future. It’s true that the chances of getting chicken pox will get reduced but one cannot guarantee that disease may not occur in the future.

After getting vaccinated for chicken pox, if chicken pox occurs it may not be very severe that is its intensity will be less.

Therefore, one should be cautious and keep in mind that the effect of the vaccination does not last for a long time and ensure they get a booster when it is necessary so that the effects of the disease are lessened.